Sunday, January 20, 2013

Create a multimedia book with Book Creator

Book Creator for iPad ($6.49 for iPad)
Insert photos, graphics, movies, record voice, music,  and text
Share as ePub file to iBooks, email, Dropbox
Share as a PDF to email and iTunes

Art Maker ($1.29 for iPad)
Create pictures with Play School characters and graphics

Felt Board ($4.19 for iPad)
Create pictures with 'felt' characters and graphics

Book Creator is my most favourite book creating app for all ages. It is simple enough for a young child to make a basic book and has many great advanced features for older students to make interactive books such as
  • hyperlink words and pictures to websites or other pages in the book
  • combine books together
  • add movies
  • resize and move pictures and text
  • wide variety of fonts and sizes and other formatting tools
  • record your voice or add music to your story
Apart from using it to upload photos and writing text to go with those photos, consider using other apps with Book Creator.
Felt Board is another favourite of mine which can be used by all ages. It is pricey at $4.19 but it does have a large amount of backgrounds and objects that could be used to create scenes or picture stories.

ArtMaker is another felt type app. It is based on Play School characters. It has limited backgrounds and objects but you can make animations with it.

Use these apps to create story scenes and then add to Book Creator and finish off with text and voice recordings.
The book can be shared to iBooks or you can share it to Dropbox as an ePub and install on other iPads or iPod Touches in iBooks.

Other apps that can be used with Book Creator are
Puppet Pals: Make animations and export as a movie to insert into Book Creator

Puppet Pals HD Free for iPad
Has in-app purchases for more characters and backgrounds
Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass $4.19 for iPad
Full version with all characters and backgrounds

Puppet Pals Pocket Free for iPhone/iPod Touch
Has in-app purchases for more characters and backgrounds
Puppet Pals Pocket Director's Pass $2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch

 Feltz Lite: Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad
Create pictures with 'felt' images

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