Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Management of Apps

Students and teachers can waste a lot of time looking for Apps. They need to be categorised and organised into folders.

Set up 'curriculum' pages.

These could be set up into strand, stages and/or Number Knowledge and Number Strategies.

Students should be directed to the folders that are related to the teaching and learning intention of that day.

Literacy needs to split up into at least Reading and Writing. Depending on how many apps you have you  may split it even further to have a Spelling and Grammar page. In this example I like to have a separate folder that offers many different ways to publish.

In this example the books have been divided up into Junior and Senior Books. You may want to consider reading ages as folder names.
I have separated the 'interactive' books such as Mushroom Age or The Mystery of the Crystal Porter as they have less reading and more interactive tasks in them.
I have divided up the music apps into the different categories of
  • Wind
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Singing
  • Piano
There are so many wonderful art apps available. I have separated the drawing ones from the apps that do special effects.

The other curriculum apps like Social Sciences and Science can be divided up between pages as well.

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