Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Notes app comes pre-installed on your iPad or iPod Touch.
The first line of your note becomes the title.

It has very basic capabilities but still very useful.

So how can it be used in an educational context?

If you don't have a Word Processor on your iPad or iPod Touch then you can use 'Notes' for drafting a story. I have had students use the iPod touch very successfully for drafting their writing.
It can then be sent as an email for printing out to be edited or opened in the Word Processing programme on your computer. (Tip: before printing out, set the Line Spacing to at least 2.0 in your WordProcessor so there is space for editing.)
It can also be used as a basic publishing tool. If students have drafted, edited and conferenced their writing in their book, then they can type it up onto the Notes app and then email it for printing out. It can then be decorated or illustrated by hand.

This app is great on field trips as well. Use it for writing notes.

I have had students practise their spelling words on it, much more fun then writing them out in their spelling books.

The notes app has a great search function on it. Type in a word and it will show all notes with that word in it. Great for finding notes on a common theme.

 No Distractions
What is great about using Notes in these different ways is that students can't get distracted with other tools like changing fonts and styles and adding graphics and backgrounds.

All they can do is 'write'!

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