Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photo and Text apps #1

There are many different types of photo apps available.
This is a first of a series of posts I will make on photo apps.
In this post I will be looking at apps that allow students to quickly present their photos with writing.

Halftone: (iPad and iPod Touch)
Add Effects: Yes
Text:  Speech bubbles, narrative boxes
Share: as a photo to library, send in an email

  1. Take a photo or use a photo from the Library
  2. Choose a paper style and layout
  3. Add balloons and stamps
  4. Select a font
 How could you use this in the classroom?
  • Great for students who only write a few sentences

 Comic Life (iPad only)
Add Effects: No but great variety of templates to choose from
Text: Speech bubbles, narrative boxes
Share: Dropbox, WebDAV, email, Photo Library

  1. Create drawings in apps such as...
  2. Choose a template in Comic Life
  3. Insert graphics or photos
  4. Add text to speech bubbles and text boxes
  5. Add more pages, add templates that are different in the number of slides that they display
How could you use this in the classroom?
  • break up narratives and tell the story in different shapes and parts of the page
  • use a mixture of photos and drawings
  • choose templates that complement the telling of the story
  • use one photo templates for students who cannot write a great amount
  • create timelines
  • character or plot analysis
  • Procedural writing
  • posters
  • digital story writing

 Comic Touch: Free version has a watermark, has all other features of the Full version (iPhone version, no full iPad version)
Add Effects: Limited effects of Smudge, Bulge, Dent,  Stretch or light
Text: Speech, Thought, Whisper, Exclaim and Caption bubbles
Share: Photo Library, email

  1. Choose a photo from the photo library or take a photo with the camera
  2. Add Speech, Thought, Whisper, Exclaim and Caption bubbles
  3. Tap on the Share button and save to Photo Library or email

How could you use this in the classroom?
  • Use the photos as motivation for the writing, what are the students saying to each other
  • record what people could be thinking
  • great publishing tool for limited writing

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