Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogging, writing from the perspective of the Character

Devices are wonderful, interactive communication tools for students to use for blogging ideas and thoughts due to their portability and instant connection to the internet. An engaging task would be to set up a blog based around a novel your students are studying, give each of your students a character to write as and start with one of the conflicts or actions in the story. As the different characters, students can comment and write new blog posts putting forward their points of view and new ideas and insights.
Students can subscribe to the blog so that they can be alerted when there has been an update. Using devices enables them to be connected quickly and easily.

Writing like this will promote dialogue, discussion and a deeper understanding of the themes and ideas in a novel.

The devices are the vehicles for delivery, reading, writing and commenting.

Blogger: (iPhone and iPod Touch)
Share: publishes to the Internet, viewed in Browser

WordPress: (iPhone/iPod Touch; iPad)
Share: publishes to the Internet, viewed in Browser

This is an example of a 'Writing as Characters' blog I have started. Feel free to comment as a character on the blog and if you would like to participate as a guest blogger request an invite from

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